Seagate Expansion 2TB USB 3.0 Desktop 3.5 Inch External Hard Drive for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4

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1 unit

Simple add-on storage for your PC

Terabytes more storage

Neatly organise and store all your files, without having to worry about running out of space.

Plug and play

With o software to install, you'll find instalation has never been easier. Just plug it in and go.

Up to 6TB capacity

Now available in up to 6TB capacity - enough space to store a lifetime of digital memories.


or expand your games library on Xbox One or PlayStation 4

Never delete a game.

Connecting a high capacity external drive to your games console means limited storage space is a thing of the past.

Keep all your games.

With up to 6TB storage in your hands, you've got capacity to keep about 100 games locked and loaded at all times.

Take the fight to them.

Transport your entire games library with you to a friend's house and play on their console.

Instant power-up.

Just plug it in and it works. Your games console will automatically detect the new drive and you'll be ready for action in moments.


More Firepower

Seagate Expansion external hard drives use a USB 3.0 connection, giving you maximum performance available through your console's USB port.

  • Add up to 6TB storage to your Xbox or PS4
  • Plug and play USB connection